38” Mink Swing Stroller w/ Fox Shawl Tuxedo

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38” Mink Swing Stroller

  • With Fox Shawl Tuxedo
  • Pink/Matching Silver Fox
  • Purple/Matching Silver Fox
  • Natural Sapphire/Matching Silver Fox
  • Natural Pearl/Fawn-Light Fox

To maintain the appearance of your garment, hang on a padded hanger and avoid things that could snag or mat the fur (pins, sharp jewelry, handbag handles, etc.). Also avoid spraying alcohol-based things like perfume or hair products while wearing your fur, as these can dry it out.

If you will not be wearing your fur for extended periods of time, store in an environment specifically designed for fur such as a climate-controlled storage, which can protect from damaging humidity, heat, light, and insects. A fur specialist should also clean and condition your fur on a regular basis. Read More...

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